How Do You Create E-Learning Courses?

When it comes eLearning courses, the hot topic that never go out of style in the eLearning circles is
“How do you create E-learning course?

Here are the steps that can help you to easily create eLearning courses that will help your learners
achieve their learning objectives and goals.

Start with the Analysis

Starting an eLearning course based on assumptions is a way to fail though. The better you study the
requirements prior to the course creation, the more effective the resulting course will be. The results of the analysis become your plan for design and what you hope to get your learners to achieve.

Research your Audience

The fundamental step towards meaningful learning material development is to identify the audience.
Here’s the information that you need to collect about your audience:
  • What is their current role and background?
  • What are their expectations?
  • What are their skills?
  • What type of learning do they prefer?
  • How will they apply the knowledge learned in your course?
  • What is the most effective teaching strategy that can be used?
Once you’ve determined who your audience is and why training is needed, it’s time to analyse your

Set Objectives

With the proper learning objectives in place, the designing, engaging and useful course becomes a lot easier. A well-written objective provides a clear picture of the outcome or performance you expect as a result of the lesson.

Create your Storyboard

A storyboard is a document that specifies the visual elements, text elements, audio elements,
interactions and branching of every screen in an online course. This will help you see how your page will look before you waste time putting together the final design only to find out the elements don’t fit together right. However, before you start in on the design phase, make sure your content has been approved.

Choose your authoring tool

The authoring tool you select should be simple to use. It's essential to choose the best eLearning
authoring tool that offer you the features and functions you want.


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