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What is LMS?

Today organizations are looking for smart solutions that go beyond the capabilities of traditional methods. A Learning Management System (LMS ) is a software application or web-based technology that facilitates the delivery and management of an e-learning program. With an LMS, you can create, track, manage and distribute learning materials of any kind. Types of LMS There are different types of LMS used by organizations to manage e-learning and deliver training materials. Open source vs Commercial LMS Open-source LMS are free but require a lot of set up, hosting, maintenance and upgrades. So, the cost maybe higher than the Commercial LMS. Open-source LMS is more complicated than commercial since it is utilized by many users. Installed vs Cloud You can either install an LMS on your organisation's hardware or go for cloud-based service. Some organizations choose full installation due to their network limitations. But most companies want to use cloud-based, softwar

Different Modes of E-Learning

E-learning has gained huge popularity in all aspects including corporate learning with the advancement of technology and instant delivery platforms. There are various types of e-learning solutions available. To train the learner, you can choose the type of learning that best suits the needs of the learner. Computer-based Training Computer-based training (CBT) is any course of instruction whose primary means of delivery is a computer. Learners interact with various types of learning material via computer. It offers a stimulating environment where the learner can learn at his own pace. Web-based Training Web-based training (WBT) refers to the type of learning that uses the Internet as an instructional delivery tool to carry out various learning activities. WBT is also referred to as “online courses” and “Web-based instruction”. WBTs can be either in the form of individual or group training. Instructors can track the training progress and assign the grades instantly. WBT als

Role of E-Learning in The Corporate World

Today, in the middle of the era of innovation, e-learning takes a prominent place in corporate life. It has completely transformed the way in which learning is imparted to learners. Corporations are using e- learning as a means of communicating, training and enhancing employee value across organizations. The corporate world is constantly on the look to increase efficiency and effectiveness in their workforce. There is a constant need to upgrade existing employees in new trends or products. E-learning solution is the answer to the overall goal of efficiency and effectiveness and provides employees with important skills. Being able to instruct employees while on the job through e-learning, can prove to be extremely valuable to any business. Every business implements various methods to gain high quality, productive and motivated team. Employees today need to process more information in less time and learn more than ever before. Key drivers for e-learning include the ability t