Mobile learning also known as m-learning refers to any teaching and learning that happens through portable computing devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and iPads. Smartphones have become the hub of our daily lives so learning on the smartphones is a logical extension.

So now you have it all – the reasons why m-Learning is a better way of learning. Let’s explore the benefits of mobile learning now.

Bring Your Own Device

One of the most significant benefits of m-learning is that of multi-device support. The learning material is available on various devices ranging from tablets, PCs, laptops and smartphones. It offers flexibility to learners to choose the device of their choice.

Anytime and Anywhere Learning

M-learning provides anytime and anywhere accessibility for the content - not confined to a physical location or a specific time. To engage learners better, it includes formats like videos, podcasts, and animated videos which are not part of traditional learning.


One of the widely known advantages of mobile learning is personalization. It makes the learning more relevant and adds the high rate of engagement and motivation of the learners. Learners can also learn at their own pace.


Learners prefer training that is not conspicuous to their daily activities as possible. M-learning allows the learners to access their content with 24x7 availability.

Collaborative Learning

Mobile learning opens for collaboration and sharing of contents. Learners can earn knowledge about a topic and concept via online learning communities using mobile device.


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